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Queensland’s Hidden Secret:

Delving into the

Mystery Craters

Hidden Secret 

Bermuda Triangle of the Land: Unveil the Secrets at Mystery Craters

Discover the ‘Bermuda Triangle’ of the Land at Mystery Craters in South Kolan. Embark on a journey through natural wonders that perplex and captivate. From the enigmatic craters that invite explorers to ponder the forces of nature, to the immersive experiences of the Earth Room, every visit promises adventure and discovery. Dive deeper into our story, the onsite café delights, the exclusive gift shop, and landscape area to explore the full journey and learn how you can become part of the Mystery Craters narrative.

Dive deeper into the Bermuda Mystery
Craft Yours

Explore ‘My Story Creates’ at Mystery Craters

Explore the depths of ‘My Story Creates,’ where every visitor’s journey intertwines with the essence of Mystery Craters, revealing a profound narrative of connection and discovery. This concept, as closely linked to ‘Mystery Craters’ as an anagram and spirit, unfolds a world where every interaction, every moment, becomes a part of your story. Uncover how ‘My Story Creates’ enhances our collective narrative, offering a space for personal exploration and growth amidst the natural wonders of Mystery Craters.

Dive Deeper

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Discover DNA Café: A Tranquil Coffee Haven Amidst the Mystery Craters. Supplied by Ben from Reef Coffee.


Experience the unique immersive experience of the Earth Room.

A natural and nurturing experience with the elements of earth wonders, whilst being stimulated by smell, sound, sight, touch and your chakras.


Visit our gift shop for a diverse array of treasures, including crystals, locally made soap, tea, coffee, jams, relishes, jewellery, and more.

Self- Guided

Embark on an adventure through Mystery Craters with our tours. Enjoy a breathtaking view from our specially designed viewpoint, offering an awe-inspiring glimpse into the crater’s wonders.


Reconnect with Nature and Yourself: Experience Earthing in Our Serene Oasis.

Discovery Centre

Discover the charm of the Murrin Discovery Centre, where a covered outdoor setting provides a snug and inviting atmosphere for a journey into the mysteries of the craters. Nestled in our outdoor space, where the rustic and rural spirit of the surroundings match, our captivating video presentation unfolds the enigma of Mystery Craters. 

Overnight Stays
Under the Stars

Book with Hipcamp

Sleep Beneath the Stars: Overnight Stays are only booked via Hipcamp!

Family Friendly

Fun for All Ages: Family-Friendly Games and Activities! Over 20 Games to choose from!

Private Group Bookings& Event Space For Hire

Explore Our Scenic Event Space at Mystery Craters for retreats, workshops, birthdays, and now, weddings. Perfect for any special occasion, surrounded by nature’s beauty. Inquire today!

Contact & Visit Mystery Craters

Open          Tuesday – Sunday              9am – 3pm


Closed        Mondays

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(07) 4157 7291
15 Lines Road, South Kolan, Queensland
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