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Embrace the joy of our Café Favourites Bundle, a curated selection of our best-loved treats and drinks, now available online. Enjoy the rich, flaky layers of our signature croissants, the sweetness of artisan scones, and the bold flavours of our specialty coffee. Not to forget, the unique Bundy drinks and a variety of specialty teas, both hot and cold, ready to cater to your mood. Perfect for any time of day, this bundle brings the café’s warmth and indulgence right to your doorstep. Indulge in a blend of comfort and luxury with just a click. Discover your next favourite with our handpicked delights!

  • Croissant & Fizz Family Delight: Bundy Bundles for Everyone

  • Crave & Savour: Gourmet Croissants & Coffee Delight”

  • Classic Elegance: Devonshire Tea or Coffee with a Scone Delight