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Begin your tour in the immersive Earth Room, then explore the history at the Murrin Discovery Centre. Enjoy earthing practices, recharge at the DNA Cafe, and play family-friendly games. Walk around the craters, take in views from the platform, and relax in 4 acres of natural beauty.





Guided tours currently unavailable.




Discover the wonders of Mystery Craters with a tour that starts in the Earth Room, an immersive experience that engages all your senses. Activate your heart field with elemental wisdom in this reflective space designed to honour your voice.

Continue to the ‘Murrin Discovery Centre’ for a fascinating history of the magical ‘Mystery Craters’.

Feel the Earth’s energy through earthing practices, recharge at the DNA Cafe with delicious coffee and wellness in food, and enjoy family-friendly games for our young explorers.

Explore the surrounding landscape on 4 acres of natural beauty, providing a perfect backdrop for reflection, relaxation and honouring of self and our loved ones.

Walk around the craters and take a bird’s eye view from our viewing platform. Experience the magic of Mystery Craters and create lasting memories.

Choose from a variety of tour options, including self-guided tours, guided day tours, and enchanting night tours (note: guided tours are currently unavailable). You can also book a platter and a rug to enjoy a relaxing picnic on our grounds. See our options and book now to plan your adventure!

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