Kids Birthday Celebration


Celebrate big with our Large Kids Birth Celebration platter, ideal for making your child’s birthday party unforgettable. This expansive selection is tailored for larger gatherings, offering a variety of kid-approved snacks and sweets. We specialize in personalizing the platter to cater to your little one’s wishes, ensuring every guest finds something they love. From playful arrangements to themed treats, we’ve got your celebration covered. Minimum booking starts at $100, creating the perfect party centrepiece that’s as unique as your child.


Make your little one’s birthday sparkle with our Kids Birth Celebration platter, designed for small gatherings. Packed with kid-friendly favorites, this platter can be personalized to match your child’s tastes. From colorful fruits to tasty treats, we ensure every bite is a delight. Perfect for intimate celebrations, with personalization options to suit any theme or preference. Minimum booking starts at $100.”

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