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Heart-set Grounding workshop

Heart-Set Earthing Grounding Experience

Plus Rieki Session

Half Day Workshop

Monday 01 April, 830am – 12.30pm


Enhance your connection with the Earth’s grounding energy at our Earthing and Grounding Workshop – optional Reiki Support Available on the day.

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Earthing & Grounding

About the workshop

Join our half-day Earthing and Grounding Workshop to enhance your connection with nature and yourself. Through mindset, heart coherence, movement and personal narrative, including a special visit to the mystery craters, you’ll explore the power of grounding. This unique session allows you to weave your own narrative, offering a deeply personal experience. Optional Reiki support available on the day to further enrich your journey, with wholesome refreshments and lunch provided by the host. Embrace this chance to learn lasting practices for harmony and peace, reconnecting with the earth and crafting your personal narrative amidst nature’s wonders.

“Explore grounding by feeling the Earth beneath your feet, let your heart guide you. Our workshop invites you to remember your intuitive roots, every step is a path of balance and peace.”

AgneleNature Nurture Centre
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