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Private Event Bookings at Mystery Craters –

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All About Wedding Celebrations


In Nature and Nurturing

Unveil the magic of your love amidst the enigmatic allure of Mystery Craters – where every moment becomes a timeless memory.

Personalised Setting

Plug & Play

Transform your special day with our 'Personalise Your Setting' plug-and-play concept at Mystery Craters, where your wedding dreams effortlessly turn into reality amidst enchanting mysteries.

Grounded Bliss

Harmony Craft Session

Immerse in a unique 3-hour pre-wedding experience at Mystery Craters, where Reiki, Earthing, and Creative Art blend to shape your marital intentions. With the guidance of three experts, cultivate your future together through soulful practices and create a personalized piece of art that embodies your journey ahead.

Spirit Soirée

Hen’s Gathering

Spirit Soirée" is a uniquely radiant hens night set in the mystical surroundings of Mystery Craters, blending group Reiki and Earthing with creative expression. It’s an evening designed to energise, connect, and celebrate the bride-to-be through soulful practices and collective art-making. Experience joy, unity, and a memorable start to the wedding festivities.

Celebrations for All Ages

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All About Celebrating Those Special Moments

Birthdays Bliss

Elevate Every Milestone – Where Every Year Counts

Experience 'Birthday Bliss' for unforgettable celebrations across all ages. From magical children's parties to elegant milestone soirees, we craft every moment to perfection, making every birthday shine brighter.

Bundle of Joy Welcome

New Beginnings

Welcome your little one with 'New Beginnings Bash,' a perfect blend of warmth and celebration. Tailored for your newest family member, we create a memorable, love-filled event that marks the start of a beautiful journey together.

Picnic Pleasures Gathering

Connect in Nature’s Embrace

Invite your loved ones to a 'Picnic Bonds' celebration, where every moment is a blend of joy, nature, and togetherness. Our curated picnics turn any day into a special occasion, perfect for strengthening bonds under the open sky and crater serenity.

Duo Day Retreat

Savour, Connect, Cherish

Experience 'Couples’ Day Out,' a retreat designed for two. Enjoy fresh croissants, select hot drinks, and a cozy picnic setup with engaging connection games. It’s an intimate journey to deepen your bond in a serene setting.

All You Need to Know About Picnic Selections

Solo Serenity Quest

Personal Growth, Grounded in Nature

oin our 'Self-Discovery Day' for a personal journey into grounding practices. This bespoke workshop offers a peaceful escape into nature, fostering self-reflection and growth. Reconnect with your inner self in a serene setting, tailored to inspire and rejuvenate.

Couple’s Day Retreat

Croissant Connection

Indulge in 'Croissant Connection,' a romantic retreat for two, where every moment is savored high above or in picturesque picnic style. Share freshly baked croissants and your preferred hot or cold beverage, surrounded by breathtaking views or cozy ambiance. It's an intimate experience designed to elevate your connection and create unforgettable memories together."

Bonding Moments

Online Platter Paradise

Explore our 'Online Platter Paradise' where you can book a variety of platters, from savoury deli treats to decadent desserts and fresh fruits, available in both small and large sizes. Elevate your gatherings with ease and convenience, ensuring every moment is filled with delicious delights for all to enjoy.

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